Smart HeatSinks® (SHS) offers innovative and cost effective product design and electronic packaging services for thermal, mechanical, electronic and industrial design disciplines across a wide spectrum of market segments including power electronics, transportation, telecommunications, networking, medical equipment, aerospace, defense, embedded computing and other high performance electronic products. With our over 20 years industrial experiences, clients get their products to market faster, safer, and at a lower cost. Smart HeatSinks® (SHS) also offers thermal analyses and CFD simulation for electronic product cooling to predict the max. junction (Tj-max) of critical electronic components and to reduce the design iterations and tests.

Product Design & Electronic Packaging

    We delicately provide the product design and electronic packaging design services, which include, but not limited to:

    1. Type of Electronic Packaging
            1) Consumer Electronics
            2) Industrial/medical/telecom Electronics
            3) RF (wireless) Electronics
            4) Avionic (Defense & Aerospace) Electronics
    2. Design of Electronic Packaging
            1) Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & PCBA
            2) Interconnecting and Wire Routing
            3) EMI/RFI Shieldings
            4) Thermal Design & Electronic Cooling
            5) Design for Manufacturability & Assembly (DFM/A)

    3. Design of Parts and Assemblies
            1) Enclosures and Cages
            2) Panels, Front and Back
            3) Chassis and Covers
            4) Clamps and Spring Clips
            5) Heat sinks
            6) Fixtures and Jigs

Tools: Pro/E, Creo, Solidworks AutCAD, NX,

CFD & Thermal Analysis, RC (Cauer) Network

    We offer the expertise and  consultant services in FEA or Cauer Steady or Transient Thermal Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation for electronic components and systems, which include, but not limited to:

    1. IC level - Die and Wire Bonding

    2. Printed Circuit Board - Copper Layers, Traces & Vias

    3. Open Frame Electronic Products

    4. Close Frame/ Enclosure Electronic Products

    5. Card Cages / VME Electronic Products

    6. Systems level - Racks and Trays

    7. Renewable Energy Power and Control Electronics

    8. LED Lighting Power and Control Electronics

Tools: LT Spice, IcePak, FloTHERM, CFDesign

Heat Sink

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