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     Smart HeatSinks® offers the Standard and Custom Heat Sinks (STD) and common extrusion profiles which have been  on market for a while with very competitive prices and excellent services.

     These board-mounted or system installed heat sinks, like BAG, LED, TO-series heat sinks, have the same thermal performance and foot-prints as that from other suppliers, but much lower prices compared to other suppliers.

    We also offer customizing heat sinks and analysis to meet our customer special needs in their new product developing.

Standard and Custom Heat Sinks




SHS-LED-113-D DEGREASED, 12.7mm LG 0.789 Order Now..
SHS-LED-113-B BLACK ANODIZED, 12.7mm LG 0.876 Order Now..
SHS-LED-125-D DEGREASED, 25.4mm LG 1.061 Order Now..
SHS-LED-125-B BLACK ANODIZED, 25.4mm LG 1.211 Order Now..
SHS-LED-151-D DEGREASED, 50.8mm LG 1.578 Order Now..
SHS-LED-151-B BLACK ANODIZED, 50.8mm LG 1.868 Order Now..
SHS-LED-176-D DEGREASED, 76.2mm LG 2.135 Order Now..
SHS-LED-176-B BLACK ANODIZED, 76.2mm LG 2.568 Order Now..
Date Sheet... Cross Ref. WAKEFIELD 882-50AB, -100AB, 200AB & 300AB SERIES

SHS-LED-305-D DEGREASED,305mm LG 11.60 Order Now..
SHS-LED-305-B BLACK ANODIZED, 305mm LG 15.06 Order Now..
SHS-LED-330-D DEGREASED, 330mm LG 12.44 Order Now..
SHS-LED-330-B BLACK ANODIZED, 330mm LG 16.14 Order Now..
Date Sheet... Cross Ref.: Advanced Thermal Solution P/N: ATS-58001-C1-R0, ATS-58000-C1-R0

SHS-LED-413-D DEGREASED, 12.7mm LG 0.791 Order Now..
SHS-LED-413-B BLACK ANODIZED, 12.7mm LG 0.812 Order Now..
SHS-LED-425-D DEGREASED, 25.4mm LG 0.983 Order Now..
SHS-LED-425-B BLACK ANODIZED, 25.4mm LG 1.012 Order Now..
Date Sheet... Cross Ref.

EV-T220-38E DEGREASED, 38.1mm LG 0.476 Order Now..
EA-T220-38E BLACK ANODIZED, 38.1mm LG 0.489 Order Now..
EV-T220-51E DEGREASED, 50.8mm LG 0.512 Order Now..
EA-T220-51E BLACK ANODIZED, 50.8mm LG 0.531 Order Now..
EV-T220-64E DEGREASED, 63.5mm LG 0.565 Order Now..
EA-T220-64E BLACK ANODIZED, 63.5mm LG 0.589 Order Now..
Date Sheet... Cross Ref. AAVID P/N: 531302B02500G Series

FA-T220-25E BLACK ANODIZED, 25.4mm LG 0.553 Order Now..
FA-T220-38E BLACK ANODIZED, 38.1mm LG 0.647 Order Now..
FA-T220-51E BLACK ANODIZED, 50.8mm LG 0.846 Order Now..
FA-T220-64E BLACK ANODIZED, 63.4mm LG 0.998 Order Now..
Date Sheet... Cross Ref.: AAVID P/N: 529901B00000G Series

RA-T2X-25E BLACK ANODIZED, 25.4mm LG 0.572 Order Now..
RA-T2X-38E BLACK ANODIZED, 38.1mm LG 0.682 Order Now..
RA-T2X-51E BLACK ANODIZED, 50.8mm LG 0.873 Order Now..
RA-T2X-64E BLACK ANODIZED, 63.5mm LG 0.998 Order Now..
Date Sheet... Cross Ref.: AAVID P/N: 532602B00000G Series

VV-1S-39-D DEGREASED, 38.6mm LG 0.892 Order Now..
VV-1S-39-B BLACK ANODIZED, 38.6mm LG 0.932 Order Now..
VV-1C-39-D DEGREASED, 38.6mm LG 0.862 Order Now..
VV-1C-39-B BLACK ANODIZED, 38.6mm LG 0.961 Order Now..
VH-1S-39-D DEGREASED, 38.6mm LG 1.188 Order Now..
VH-1S-39-B BLACK ANODIZED, 38.6mm LG 1.206 Order Now..
VH-1c-39-D DEGREASED, 38.6mm LG 1.209 Order Now..
VH-1c-39-B BLACK ANODIZED, 38.6mm LG 1.226 Order Now..
Date Sheet... Cross Ref.:

Standard Extrusion Profiles

P/N: AH00119

Height: 46.0 mm (1.8 in )

Width:  59.9 mm (2.3 in )

Weight: 4.17 kg per meter (2.8 lb per foot )

Surface Area: 1.83 m2 per meter (865 inch2 per foot )

Material: 6063-T5 Aluminum Extrusion Alloy

RoHS: Compliant.

P/N: AH0120

Height: 38.1 mm (1.5 in )

Width:  82.6 mm (3.3 in )

Weight: 2.6 kg per meter (1.75 lb per foot)

Surface Area: 0.78 m2 per meter (368 inch2 per foot)

Material: 6063-T5 Aluminum Extrusion Alloy

RoHS: Compliant.

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