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     Smart HeatSinks® (SHS) designs and manufactures a series of patented heat sinks to solve today's complicated thermal management problems in computing, energy, power electronic, aerospace and defense industries. The products, which include thru-hole mount, surface mount and liquid heat sinks (cold plates) etc., are designed and manufactured specifically for improving the size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements in electronic products. Smart HeatSinks is committed to provide fastenerless, all-in-one heat sink assemblies with unique designed spring wire clips to greatly reduce cost, weight, space occupations and flow resistance, and  increase power dissipations, reliability, assembly, manufacturability to meet the ever-increasing high density electronic packaging needs. Unlike any others, our heat sinks make it possible for scalable, configurable, efficient, compact, lower acoustic noise, lower system impedance and all-in-one solution. 

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 Universal Mount Heat Sink (Pat. pending)

Configurable Heat Sink (Pat. # 7,151,669)

Cam-clip Heat Sink (Pat. pending)

Surface Mount Heat Sink (Pat. pending)

Ceramic Heat Sink (Patent Pending)

Self-circulating Cold Plate (Pat. pending)

Standard & Custom Products

BGA Heat Sinks

Thermal & CFD Simulations

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