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® offers the patented Self-circulating Liquid Cooling (SLC) system for cooling high heat flux electronic components and large power systems. This break-through technology makes it easier, simpler and affordable in liquid cooling. Unlike the traditional liquid cooling systems, our pumpless liquid cooling system does not require pump, fittings and hose, etc. The system comprises a heat absorbing portion, like cold plate, a heat rejection portion, like heat exchanger, and a pumpless liquid circulating device. The heat rejection portion can be located remotely or integrated with the other portions. It can cool components, like IGBT, CPU, CGU, SOT-227, DC-DC modular, RF for modular and others. It also can be quipped into systems, like VME chassis. It can replace the existing heat-pipe or pumped liquid cooling in your products to increase your cooling load or reduce your costs.

Technology Applications  

Computers: CPUs, GPUs. Rack Level, Datacenter and PCB cooling

Military & Aerospace: Radar Electronics, Power Amplifiers, Embedded Computers, Space Thermal and Air-born Laser.

Power & Energy Conversion: IBGT's, SGCT's, Thyristers, Solar Concentrators

Communications: RF Amplifiers, Base Station Cooling, Jammers and Cabinet/Chassis Cooling.

Medical and Advanced Technologies:  Medical Equipment, MRI/CT Scan Equipment and Surgical Tools

We provide the technology into customers' product to improve the SWaP and reliability. Our innovative team will do the design and analysis for customers independently or integrate with customers' design team together to implement the design and analysis of the pumpless luiqid cooling system. For more info, please contact us!
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