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     Smart HeatSinks® offers the Standard and Custom thermal interface materials (TIM) for Highly Effective Cooling of Electronics.
       We Provides all kinds of high thermal conductivity materials, insulation sheets which satisfy the requirement in electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical assemblies. The interface materials are designed to both optimize heat transfer and improve the reliability of electronic devices during heating and thermal cycling.
    We also offer custom die cut to any shapes.

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Thermally Conductive Pad

Date Sheet... Thermally conductive interface materials (Gap-filler) are applied to fill the air gaps between the heating elements.
Thermally Conductive Tape Date Sheet... For bonding heat sinks onto power components, like microprocessor and semiconductors to eliminate fasteners.
Thermal Grease Date Sheet... The paste like material which eliminates air gaps or spaces (which act as thermal insulator) from the interface areas.
Thermally Conductive Insulators - Sil-Pads Date Sheet... High-efficiency electrical insulation with thermal conductive properties to maximize the heat transfer between interfaces
Thermal Silicone RTV Date Sheet... High bond strength to coherer, alloy, ceramic, glass or plastic surfaces, and has good thermal conductivity
Graphite Sheets Date Sheet... High-performance and heat-conductive graphite materials with the reasonable prices, maximizing heat transferring though interfaces
Thermally Conductive Plastics Date Sheet... Excellent heat conduction and radiation capability. Electrical insulating w/breakdown volt of 4kV; Comply with SGS, RoHS & UL94 V0@0.5MM

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